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Italy 1934 World Cup Betting

1934 FIFA World CupYear:1934

Participants: 16

Countries: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States

Championship: Italy 2, Czechoslovakia 1

Top goal scorer: Oldrich Nejedly, Czechoslovakia, Angelo Schiavio, Italy and Edmund Conen, Germany (4)

Two Years before Adolph Hitler had his Olympic glory in Berlin, Benito Mussolini had the world stage to tout his Fascist propaganda.

And just like the first World Cup, the home team won. Following Uruguay's lead four years before, Italy was victorious in '34, much to the delight of Mussolini.

With Uruguay a no-show -- the only champion that didn't attempt to defend its crown -- this World Cup mostly was a European affair. The United States, Egypt, Brazil and Argentina were the only party crashers.

The Americans didn't last long, though. Italy, with four Argentine stars, whipped the Americans 7-1 in the first round. It was to be the Italians' only easy game.

The day after struggling to a 1-1 tie with Spain, the Italians beat the Spaniards in the replay, 1-0, on Giuseppe Meazza's goal. In the semifinals, Italy avenged a 4-2 loss to Austria four months earlier; the Italians won 1-0 on Enrique Guaita's goal in the a rain storm in Milan.

In the final against Czechoslovakia, both teams went scoreless for the first 70 minutes. Antonin Puc gave the Czechs a 1-0 lead with a tough-angle goal on a rebound of his own corner kick. Italy tied it with 10 minutes left on Raimundo Orsi's running right-footer.

Five minutes into the first extra period, Angelo Schiavio -- who scored three goals in the first-round win over the U.S. -- drove a shot just under the crossbar to give the Italians the victory.

World Cup Italy 1934 Schedule and Results

Preliminary Round
Italy vs Brazil 3-1 (May 27, Luigi Ferraris)
Austria vs France 3-2 (AET) (May 27, Benito Mussolini )
Switzerland vs Holland 3-2 (May 27, San Siro)
Germany vs Belgium 5-2 (May 27, Giovanni Berta)
Italy vs USA 7-1 (May 27, Stadio Nazionale del P.N.F.)
Hungary - Egypt 4-2 (May 27, Giorgio Ascarelli)
Sweden - Argentina 3-2 (May 27, Luigi Ferraris)
Czechoslovakia vs Romania 2-1 (May 27, Littorio)


Quarter Final
Italy vs Spain 1-1 (May 31, Giovanni Berta)
Austria vs Hungary 2-1 (May 31, Littorale )
Czechoslovakia vs Switzerland 3-2 (May 31, Benito Mussolini)
Germany vs Sweden 2-1 (May 31, San Siro)
Italy vs Spain 1-0 (June 01, Giovanni Berta)


Czechoslovakia vs Germany 3-1 (June 03, Stadio Nazionale del P.N.F.)
Italy vs Austria 1-0 (June 03, San Siro)


3rd. / 4th. Placing
Germany vs Austria 3-2 (June 07, Giorgio Ascarelli)


Italy vs Czechoslovakia 2-1 June 10, Stadio Nazionale del P.N.F


World Cup Champions: Italy
Runners Up: Czechoslovakia
Highest Scoring Game: Italy vs. United States 7-1 (Preliminary Round)
Total Goals Scored: 70
Av. Goals Per Match: 4.12
Top Scorer: Oldrich Nejedly, Czechoslovakia-5 Goals
Best Scorers in 1 game: Angelo Schiavio, Italy Edmund Conen, Germany Oldrich Nejedly, Czechoslovakia-3 Goals
Highest Attendance: 55.000 (Italy-Czechoslovakia, Final)
Total Attendance: 363,000
Average Attendance: 21.352
Debut Appearance: Sweden, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Egypt
Stadiums Used: Luigi Ferraris, Giovanni Berta, Littorio, Giorgio Ascarelli, Benito Mussolini, San Siro, Stadio Nazionale del P.N.F., Littorale


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