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FIFA World Cup France 1938

France 1938 World Cup Betting

1938 FIFA World CupYear:1938

Participants: 15

Countries: Belgium, Brazil, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Dutch East Indies (Netherlands Antilles), France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland

Championship: Italy 4, Hungary 2

Top goal scorer: Leonidas da Silva, Brazil (8)

The threat of war hung over Europe and the World Cup in 1938, as eight of 35 countries withdrew from the qualifying rounds. It was up to the remaining nations to try and unseat the dominant Italian team.

Just as Germany was the focus of worldwide attention, its soccer team was the focus of first-round play. Since Austria had recently been annexed by Germany, the top Austrian players were given the choice of playing for the German national team or not playing at all.

Six of the top Austrian players chose to join the Germans, but star player Mathias "the paper man" Sindelar became a national hero when he refused. But Sindelar's story quickly turned tragic. Saddened by the death of his wife and the annexation of his country, he committed suicide shortly after the World Cup.

Despite the influx of Austrian talent, the Germans couldn't get past the Swiss in the first round. The two teams played to a scoreless tie on June 4, and the game was replayed five days later. Though Germany surged to a 2-0 lead in the first half, the Swiss came back with four unanswered goals in the second to shock the Germans.

All eyes shifted to Italy for a match with host nation France in the quarterfinals. The teams were tied 1-1 after a half, and it seemed as though the French had a golden opportunity to upset a clearly-fatigued Italian team. But Italy surged ahead to win the game 3-1 before 58,455 mostly-disappointed spectators.

Italy's next opponent, Brazil, proved to be even more tired than it was. The Italians won the game 2-1, and would face Hungary in the finals. It wasn't even close. Despite the support of the French fans, the Hungarians were behind 3-1 at the half. They drew to within a goal in the second half, but Italy scored again 10 minutes from time to seal their second World Cup.

How massive could their dynasty have become? We'll never know, as World War II interrupted World Cup play for 12 years. But the 1930s belonged to Italy. In addition to World Cups in 1934 and 1938, the Italians also won the Olympic title in 1936.

World Cup France 1938 Schedule and Results

Round Of 16
Switzerland vs Germany 1-1 A.E.T (June 04, Parc Des Princes)
Brazil vs Poland 6-5 A.E.T (June 05, Stade de la Meinau)
France vs Belgium 3-1 (June 05, Stade Olympique de Colombes)
Czechoslovakia vs Netherlands 3-0 A.E.T (June 05, Stade de la Cavée Verte)
Cuba vs Romania 3-3 A.E.T (June 05, Stade Chapou)
Hungary vs Dutch East Indies 6-0 (June 05, Stade Vélodrome Municipal)
Italy vs Norway 2-1 A.E.T (June 05, Velodrome)
Cuba vs Romania 2-1 (June 09, Stade Chapou)
Switzerland vs Germany 4-2 (June 09, Parc Des Princes)


Quarter Final
Hungary vs Switzerland 2-0 (June 12, Stade Victor Boucquey)
Brazil vs Czechoslovakia 1-1 A.E.T (June 12, Stade Chapou)
Italy vs France 3-1 (June 12, Stade Olympique de Colombes)
Sweden vs Cuba 8-0 (June 12, Stade du Fort Carré)
Brazil vs Czechoslovakia 2-1 (June 14, Stade Chapou)


Hungary vs Sweden 5-1 (June 16, Parc Des Princes)
Italy vs Brazil 2-1 (June 16, Velodrome)


3rd. / 4th. Placing
Brazil vs Sweden 4-2 (June 19, Parc Lescure)


Italy vs Hungary 4-2 (June 19, Stade Olympique de Colombes)


World Cup Champions: Italy
Runners Up: Hungary
Highest Scoring Game: Brazil vs. Polands 6-5 (Round Of 16)
Total Goals Scored: 84
Av. Goals Per Match: 4.67
Top Scorer: Leonidas, Brazil-8 Goals
Best Scorers in 1 game: Ernest Wilimowski, Poland-4 Goals
Highest Attendance: 59.000 (Italy-France, Quarter Final)
Total Attendance: 376,000
Average Attendance: 20,888
Debut Appearance: Norway, Poland, Cuba, Dutch East Indies
Stadiums Used: Parc Des Princes, Stade Olympique de Colombes, Stade Chapou,Velodrome,Stade du Fort Carré,Stade de la Meinau,Stade de la Cavée Verte,Stade Vélodrome Municipal,Stade Victor Boucquey,Parc Lescure


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