Head coach: Colin Johnson

Top scorer: Richard O’Connor (5)

Home stadium: Webster Park

Football is the number one sport in Anguilla. In recent years, the Anguilla Football Association has been able to establish a functioning administration and to develop youth and women’s football in particular. This development has already borne fruit: women’s football has grown at a tremendous rate recently and in terms of its performance, public support and internal administration, the Anguillan women’s under-19 team has become something of a model for others.

At its meeting on 15 October 2003, the Goal Bureau approved the construction of a technical centre in The Valley, consisting of one playing field with a security fence, artificial lighting, and a grandstand with offices and changing rooms. This project will be the association’s first independent administration base and will serve as a technical centre for football development at all levels (national teams, youth etc.). This facility will also underline the progressive image of the association, which has improved significantly since the launch of FIFA’s Financial Assistance and Goal Programmes.

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