Nicknames: Rake n’ Scrape Boyz, The Baha Boyz

Head coach: Kevin Davies

Captain: Happy Hall

Top scorer: Lesly St.Fleur (6)

Home stadium: Thomas Robinson Stadium

The Bahamas are not a typical footballing hotbed. The most popular sports on these islands, which are heavily influenced by the American way of life, are basketball, athletics and baseball. However, the national association has worked hard, particularly in the area of youth football, to restore the balance. They have had a certain degree of success because many youngsters are now showing greater interest in football. An academy was recently opened, providing both standard education and football coaching.

Based on a project proposal approved by the Goal Bureau on 22 September 2004, an artificial playing surface will be installed at the national football academy in Nassau to supplement the natural turf pitch that was laid as part of the association’s first Goal project. With a pitch that can be used all-year round, the Bahamas Football Association will be able to exploit its development programmes more effectively and improve the preparation of its national teams.

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