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What is correct score betting?

Correct score betting is a way to build up big rewards, as it tests your knowledge of a game beyond just the result. Pick from 0-6 goals for each team in a match and you could be looking at 49 potential outcomes. Not only does this add more excitement but also better odds than normal win/lose bets.

What is a multi correct score?

It’s a type of bet that requires the person betting to accurately guess the final scores of three or more matches. This makes it harder to predict, so unsurprisingly odds and rewards are higher than other bet types. Teams with tremendous defensive records are far less unpredictable. To maximize reward, betting on teams with very high-scoring offense will most likely be the way forward. Yet it takes much greater risks.

How to bet on the correct score market?

1) Choose a game, or two games if you’re going for a double correct score. You can do this by doing your own research, or by selecting your favorite tip from the Free Super Tips page.

2) Place your bet; To ensure accurate betting, make sure to put your stake in the ‘doubles’ section – and remember to always check your stake! As a side note, when it comes to double correct scores many bookies will show your maximum potential winnings in your receipt.

3) Make sure to check both the amount that you placed and also how much you have won afterwards. You’ll have an up-to-date knowledge of what’s going in and out of your account balance.

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