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In 2023, there are numerous sports betting software and algorithms available that can assist you in finding the best betting opportunities. In this article, we will discuss the top 4 sports betting software and algorithms that can help you make accurate predictions for sports matches.

Soccer Betting Analysis Software

1. ZCode System

The ZCode System is considered one of the industry’s leading sports prediction services and has been running since 1999. It offers the perfect guidance on which matches hold real value and which ones to stay away from. Their sports betting algorithm will give you an opportunity to predict sports results more accurately and achieve long-term success.

In addition to the most popular sports in the US, such as basketball, ice hockey, and football, other sports are included, such as tennis and soccer. You can win money by placing your bets based on their recommendations. However, we advise also converting the probability of an outcome to odds and checking the opinion of sharp bookies on that market.

  1. Expert Picks

Expert Picks are predictions or suggestions made by experts in various sports. The platform offers a list of the top thirty tipsters, so you can see who has the best performance. ZCode System members can also post their own predictions, share their opinions and information with other members, and use all the tools on the platform.

  1. Automated Systems

Another type of betting option offered by ZCode System is automated betting. Betting options are selected based on trends, statistics, and historical data based on tens of thousands of matches, which include 7-day, 30-day, the same day, and many other metrics, as well as a complete historical record of the ZCode Systems selections.

  1. Team Strength Comparison Tool

ZCode System also includes a team strength comparison tool, which can assist you in analyzing and comparing the strength of teams.

Membership Benefits of ZCode System:

  1. Sports Investing Bible

ZCode System offers a free PDF that includes all the information about the basics of online sports betting. This is an excellent opportunity for both beginners and bettors who have some level of experience.

  1. ZCode System Video Tutorials
  2. ZCode System VIP Picks

ZCode System’s VIP Picks is one of its core strengths and most important betting services. You’ll find hundreds of bets from NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB matches on their platform. All you have to do is select the required league, and you’ll be taken to a page with various bets to consider.

  1. Betting Systems

The other main service of the ZCode System is its betting algorithms, which are automated systems that anticipate the possible outcomes as accurately as possible based on analyzing historical data with the help of AI (artificial intelligence).

In conclusion, these sports betting software and algorithms can assist you in making better decisions and increasing your chances of winning. With their user-friendly interfaces and helpful features, you can easily analyze sports data and make informed betting decisions.

2. OddsJam: Sports Betting Algorithm Based on Odds Scanning

OddsJam is an odds comparison software that focuses on betting sites available in the US and Canada. Their sports betting algorithm can display significant odds discrepancies between bookmakers, making it the best sports betting software in the USA and Canada.

Advantages of OddsJam:

  • Arbitrage betting software: It enables you to cover both outcomes of a sports market and make a guaranteed profit out of it. It is based on finding overpriced odds.
  • Positive EV betting: It displays odds that are overpriced. Betting on these will generate long-term profits, but in this case, you must face variance (not making profits on each bet because of not covering each outcome).
  • Low-holds: It shows betting opportunities where the bookies have a very low profit margin. It is excellent for covering both outcomes (with the right stakes from their calculator) and completing bonus offer requirements without the risk of losing.

Downsides of OddsJam:

  • You need a basic level of knowledge about the strategies mentioned above (they have many guides and articles that will teach you everything you need).

Visit OddsJam to know more. If you need more information, you can check my OddsJam Review or my detailed articles about arbitrage betting in the USA or matched betting in the USA.

OddsJam also covers one of the most important sharp betting sites,, that accepts US bettors.

3. RebelBetting

RebelBetting is a premium sports betting software for pre-match arbitrage and value betting that focuses on European, Asian, and African bookmakers. They are one of the most important sports betting analytics software in this industry. By comparing odds between bookies, RebelBetting has helped many bettors make insane profits (hundreds of thousands of euros) by taking advantage of the above-mentioned strategies.

Advantages of RebelBetting:

  • Scans over 100+ bookies, including many of their clone sites.
  • Supports the following betting strategies: arbitrage, value, and matched betting.
  • Tens of thousands of profitable and satisfied customers.
  • Sports betting algorithm with a fast refresh rate: spots overpriced markets almost in real-time.
  • The browser and Windows app.
  • A betting software that displays sure betting opportunities from a wide variety of sports and markets.
  • Software guide for beginner bettors.
  • Members sharing results with RebelBetting.

Downsides of RebelBetting:

  • They do not cover in-play events (this might be important for many bettors).
  • Sooner or later, betting sites will limit your maximum stake if you start winning.

Key features:

  • Sports betting algorithm that scans over 60 betting sites and many of their clones for spotting wrong odds.
  • A well-developed sports betting model in their value betting service that can determine the true odds for many markets.
  • A football betting software with advanced filtering options to display the markets, sports, bookies, and odds ranges you need.
  • Betting history tracker: you can check your previous bets and spot mistakes and low-hanging betting opportunities.

4. Overlyzer

Overlyzer – the comprehensive soccer statistics and trends application that has become a favorite among sports enthusiasts. With its user-friendly interface and endless options, Overlyzer provides its users with accurate and vital data to make more informed analysis and predict match outcomes with greater accuracy.

One of the key features of Overlyzer is its mobile version, which makes accessing statistics, data, and forecasts easier and faster. It offers a range of functionalities, including:

  • Live metrics and statistics: Stay informed about live results and which team has a higher chance of winning or scoring a goal.
  • Artificial Intelligence in over/under betting: This algorithm analyzes all metrics and information of the teams to predict their probabilities of winning, reducing the risk in soccer bets.
  • Filters with dynamic functions: Customize filters to adjust to your preferences during live betting.
  • Preset filters: Quickly access matches of your choice with just one click.
  • Tutorials: Overlyzer offers many tutorials on their YouTube channel to guide users in getting the most out of the application and applying effective strategies for soccer predictions.

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