Just like any sport, soccer is brimful with the possibilities of earning some money on the side by participating in betting markets formed around it. Another factor that certainly doesn’t harm this sport is that it’s by far the most popular sport in the world, which makes information on various types of betting something to be sought by beginners and veterans alike.

This piece will try to lessen the confusion and answer some burning questions in regards to what soccer betting lines are, how they differ from each other, what kinds of lines to look out for, and, most importantly, how this can help bettors feel more confident about betting.

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First of all, let’s start with the definition. Betting lines are a type of betting where bookmakers set their own gambling odds and decide which teams are either the favorite (a team that is more likely to win) and the underdog (a team expected to lose). This is a type of handicap that places a margin (hence the name — “line”) between the two teams, where there are only two possible outcomes. This decides the rules for wagering on, in our case, a soccer match. This is done with the simple purpose of making matches more equal, giving bettors a chance to come out as winners even if the soccer teams themselves fail to achieve this goal.

Let’s take an example: let’s say there is a market for a soccer game between Manchester United F.C. and Liverpool F.C. Liverpool are the favorite in this case, and they are projected to win the game at $1.30 in a two-way betting market.

To make the contest relatively equal, the bookmaker has imposed a margin on Liverpool. The bookmaker deems a margin of 2.5 points will make the contest even, This margin of 2.5 points is what people call the line. If Manchester wins or gets close to 2.5 points of Liverpool, the bettors who have taken the $1.80 about Manchester on the line will be successful. However, if Liverpool wins by 3 points or more, those who have wagered on Mancherster at the line will be successful.

Remember that betting lines are not to be confused with margin betting, since in that type of betting, bookmakers handicap neither a certain player nor a team.


  • The most common and simplest type of bet, moneyline bets, are those where a bettor can wager on a certain team winning their game.
  • In soccer betting, the 2-way moneyline means that a bookmaker removes betting on a draw and adjusts the odds on either team to reflect that change.

The two-way moneyline is quite common during tournaments when winners are more in demand. If you wager on the two-way moneyline (also known as Draw No Bet) odds in a standard 90-minute game and the score ends in a tie, your bet is considered a “push,” which means that you’ll get your money back.

  • In the 3-way moneyline, which is also known as 1×2, bettors are provided with three outcomes of a game to wager on. What bettors can do is wager on the home team or the away team to win, or on a draw. In soccer, unless otherwise stated, the bet is decided by the score after 90 minutes and any additional time.
  • A goal line bet (or a spread) is a type of bet where, for example, the favorite could have a soccer spread of -1.5, meaning they have to win the game by two or even more goals to cover the spread, while the underdog team would be at +1.5, meaning they have to lose the game by less than one goal or simply win it.
  • For bettors, picking their own lines is also an option. It’s a tangential form of line betting that is often on offer on online betting websites. As a more advanced form of line betting, it offers fixed odds prices on a variety of different lines. Instead of just having one line to choose from where the odds are spread relatively equally, bettors can choose from an unfixed number of lines, while the odds can alter based on the chosen line.

In order to place a line bet, you’ll need to choose a soccer team to start the game with either a positive or a negative handicap. The team that’s favorite to win the match will always start with a negative handicap, whereas the underdog will be given a positive handicap.

Most prominent bookmakers offer line betting, so you are bound to encounter betting lines sooner than later. Bookies can also offer half goals or half points with the goal of lessening the possibility of a draw to achieve simple two-way betting conditions.


When deciding to try your hand at some betting lines, it’s important not only to keep your head on your shoulders but also use all your available knowledge, time, and resources to patiently and carefully examine all the betting lines that are offered. Beginners are rarely strangers to overlooking offers that are more likely to bring them real winnings. So, doing your homework and thoroughly exploring every available option is an absolute must, not only for those interested in specific types of soccer bets but also for anyone with an interest in the art of gambling as a whole.

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