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Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, it’s important to have some knowledge of what techniques will help you win big. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the most effective soccer betting techniques that can help increase your success rate.

1 Place Bets on Corners

Betting on corners for soccer games has a large market, so you should also consider putting down some wagers as well. But in order to be successful with this endeavor, it is important to research certain information. This includes the size of the pitch, as well as if one of the teams is more traditionally defensive or likes to attack more frequently. Grounds that are smaller are generally awarded more corners. Those which use a lot of attacking tactics will be given many opportunities for them throughout the match.

2 Goliath Bets

These bets provide an alternative to the standard eight-fold accumulator. Rather than putting all eggs in one basket, Goliath bettors spread their predictions across 247 possible outcomes. Although there is a price for spreading out one’s risk. With a £24.70 stake for a £10 bet, it may still prove worthwhile even with two successful predictions out of the eight. That being said, it is still essential to do research and possess knowledge before placing a bet. Any number of correct picks will increase potential profits exponentially.

3 Place Bets on the Favourites

In any league match where there are two teams with an obvious difference, you should almost certainly go for the stronger side to clinch victory . However, it’s important not to be too hasty. Research into how both opponents have played prior games can help identify when underdogs may shock the world by beating their more illustrious rivals. Thereby giving those who back them higher odds that could result in greater returns if they win.

4 Placing Bets on Odd or Even Number of Goals

Kick off your betting experience by predicting the number of goals scored in a match. You can bet whether an even or odd amount of goals will be tallied during each game – and feel the rush when your wager pays off! If it’s 2:2 at full time then that would constitute an even number. Conversely, if one team has two with their opponent scoring just once, it counts as an odd number.

5 Bet on a Draw

A draw is one of the three possible outcomes in a soccer match. Betting on the draw market tends to be more advantageous and requires some prior research into the teams playing. The draw market is best suited for teams who prefer defending rather than attacking. So it can be useful to check the score and performance of both teams during recent matches. Wagers placed on a draw between two such teams have a strong chance of turning out profitable.

6 The Exploitation Of Price Boosts

Price boosts provide an opportunity to cover all possible outcomes, giving wagers the potential for a sizable payout. As such, astute punters who recognise these chances can capitalize upon them for maximum gain. However, most recreational gamblers simply take these price boosts at face value and dream of the big winnings they could get from them. But they forget how hard it can be to successfully cash out from betting sites.

The strategy involves placing a ‘back’ bet on the increased odds from a bookmaker. Followed by ‘laying’ off other potential outcomes via betting exchanges or similar platforms. It provides convenience in excluding any potential changes in odds and liquidity concerns. Although returns are often lower than normal.

7 Bet on who will win the competition

A futures bet is when wagers are placed on who will win the entire competition at the start of said competition. This kind of investment carries high odds because it’s a prediction, not directly linked to any one game or set of events within that game. It could be used to bet on popular tournaments where a single team emerges as the eventually victorious squad. Such as the World Cup, European Football Championship, and UEFA Champions League. Making this kind of bet takes savvy knowledge of statistics and history. Those who make these investments can potentially earn healthy rewards.

8 Betting Double Chances

Betting double chances is a great way to minimize the risks associated with wagering. It involves placing a bet on two outcomes instead of one, offering the punter a much better chance of success. Of course, it comes with its own drawbacks. Due to having two opportunities to win rather than one, the odds are lower. It makes this technique more rewarding and requires larger bets. Overall, if used responsibly, the strategy can be an effective way for serious punters .

9 Betting On The Number Of Goals That The Teams Will Garner

Doing research beforehand is key for success; investigate teams’ average goals per game, past suffering, and recent form. Once this information is studied, gamblers have a better idea on how to strategically bet. It can be especially valuable when betting in tournaments as it increases the chances of holding on to a winning ticket.

10 Betting on the Goalscorer

It’s important to research the top goal scorers in that competition and study the charts. It gives you an insight into which players have the potential to reach their potential and ultimately win you your bet. With such vital knowledge at hand, you can easily start analyzing various teams and come up with predictions for who might take the game by storm.

11 Bet on who will score first

Before placing bets on this market, it is advisable to compare the previous performance records of the teams involved in the match. Knowing the team’s scoring patterns, you can make an informed decision on which players have the highest chance of scoring first.

12 Diversify your Bets

Rather than placing all your chips on a single bet, it’s best to spread out your wages across multiple markets. You can place different bets within a single game. For example, who will score first, who will be the goal scorer, how many corners a team might have, or whether a match will end in a draw. This approach helps protect you from unfortunate losses since if one of your bets doesn’t pay off you’ve still got others to rely on. Additionally, it’s important to keep each wager small so that your bankroll is spread sufficiently over several potential winnings. This strategy increases your chances of turning a profit down the line.


With these techniques in mind, we hope that you’re now better equipped with all the knowledge needed to increase your chances at winning.

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