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What is a ML Bet?

A Money Line (ML) bet in soccer is a bet on a team to win the match. Typically, the team that is favored to win will have lower odds than the team that is considered an underdog. It is important to understand the odds associated with ML bets and how to analyze them in order to make the most informed betting decisions.

The three types of outcomes on a moneyline bet


If you correctly choose the winner of the game or match, then you win your wager.


Similarly, if you fail at this task and don’t select ‘draw’ in applicable cases, then you lose your wager.

“Draw” or “Draw no bet”

It occurs if the possibility of a draw is not included as one of the options on the moneyline bet even though it could potentially take place.

How Do Moneyline Odds Work?

For example, if Team A has +150 odds and Team B has -200 odds, then Team A would have higher odds than Team B (this means that if Team A wins, you stand to win more). The lower number indicates which team is favored to win the match – in this case Team B – while the higher number indicates which team is seen as an underdog – in this case Team A – and which team would yield bigger returns if they won. So if you placed $100 on Team A at +150 odds and they won, you would receive $250 ($100 x 2.5 = $250) back on your original stake plus your initial $100 stake back as profit.

Conversely, if you placed $200 on Team B at -200 odds and they won, then you would get back only your original stake ($200). With negative numbers, your total return equals your initial stake minus any commission taken by your bookmaker. So in this example ($200 x 0 = $200). Since there was no commission charged here, since there were no positive numbers in the equation, you would only get back your original bid ($200).

ML betting FAQ

Can you put moneyline bets in parlays?

When you create a parlay bet, including multiple moneyline sides is an option. Keep in mind that betting on heavily favored teams will reduce potential payouts significantly.

Can you put money and spread bets together in parlays?

With money and spread bets, you can create profitable parlays for potentially high payouts. Just keep in mind that the vigorish on a spread bet is typically -110.

Are moneyline prices different from one sportsbook to another?

You bet they are! It pays (literally!) to shop around for the best price on your team’s line. The difference between two books can be pretty dramatic. So why not take advantage of it and increase those winnings by a few extra bucks – like $12.5 if you got the better deal at -160 instead of –200 with a $100 wager.

Are moneyline bets a good way to wager?

They are certainly an option if you’re looking for direct wins but it’s important to remember that favorites don’t always prevail. To even the odds and challenge yourself, why not try your hand at handicapping by trying out point spread betting instead? Ultimately, which kind of bet is best really depends on how comfortable you feel with taking risks – it’s up to you!

What do ML bets work?

It works by assigning different prices to each side of a matchup according to their perceived talent and competitiveness. The closer these odds are to “100”, the more evenly matched they likely are. When it comes down between -120 or +120, you can bet on either as if flipping a coin.

How will the moneyline change?

Moneylines, spreads and totals can all fluctuate based on betting activity. It pays to be quick as you may get a better payout if bet earlier rather than later – this could mean more profit in your pocket! Experienced sports gamblers are aware of these tricks so they aim to secure value before anyone else does.

What happens to my bet if the moneyline changes after I place it?

Once a wager is placed in fixed odds betting, such as moneylines, its price stays locked-in no matter what. This means that you will not benefit from any late adjustments – for better or worse. Even when there are drastic line swings due to an important team member becoming injured.


ML bets are one of the most straightforward types of wagers when it comes to sports betting—especially when it comes to soccer betting. All they require is for the punter to accurately predict which team will come out victorious at the end of 90 minutes. It doesn’t matter by how many goals either side wins or loses by—all that matters is that one’s prediction was correct.

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