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If you’ve ever placed a bet on a soccer game, you may have heard the term “clean sheet.” But what does it mean? This article will break down what exactly clean sheet betting entails and how it works.

What does a clean sheet mean in soccer?

A clean sheet in soccer is a game where no goals are scored by either team. It is also known as a ‘shutout’ or ‘goalless draw’ in some countries. When a team manages to keep a clean sheet, it means they have not conceded any goals, which is an impressive feat. In betting, a clean sheet means that no goals have been scored by either team in the match.

What is an example of a clean sheet in betting?

An example of a clean sheet in betting is when one team remains unscathed–no goals are scored against them. For instance, if Chelsea and Everton face off with the final score being 1-0 for Chelsea, this would exemplify how Chelsea held their opposition to zero goals.

How long does a player have to play to get clean sheet points?

To earn points for a clean sheet, players must remain resilient on the field and play at least an hour. Bonus rewards are given to those who can keep their opponents from scoring over that stretch of time.

Why are clean sheets important in football?

Achieving a clean sheet during regular-season games can be just as important to your team’s playoff prospects as scoring goals. A match ending in 0 – 0 means both teams get one point for their standing, potentially making all the difference between progressing further or not!

How can I bet without a clean sheet?

Betting on “Clean Sheet: No” means the team gives away at least one goal, regardless of whether they win, draw or lose the match overall, then you’ve won!


Why is it called a clean sheet?

A clean sheet is a term used to describe an impressive defensive performance in sports where one team prevents the other from scoring. This phrase originated with sports reporters who would record scores on white sheets of paper. If there was no evidence, or “stains,” of goals against them at the end, they could say their sheet remained untouched – hence keeping a clean sheet!

Do Own goals count against clean sheets?

They don’t count as points for the team, but they do negatively affect Clean Sheet calculations.

What is the longest clean sheet in football?

Edwin van der Sar holds this remarkable footballing record of 1,311 minutes without conceding during 13 games. He helped Manchester United reach two Champions League finals in 2009 and 2011. Unfortunately they lost out to Barcelona on both occasions!

Who has the most clean sheets in football history?

Iker Casillas! The iconic Spanish goalkeeper has 439 career shutouts, making his mark as one of greatest ever to protect their net. His legacy lives on, with no other goalkeepers surpassing him for over two decades!

Who scored 32 goals in the Premier League?

Mohamed Salah in 2017-18

Who has the most clean sheet in 2022?

Allison Becker (Liverpool, Brazil) – 29 clean sheets

How does a striker get a clean sheet?

Achieving one is no small feat. It means playing at least 60 minutes on the pitch without letting in any goals and not having been sent off or subbed out when they are conceded. The glory of recording this defensive accomplishment could be yours if all these conditions are met.

Do goalkeepers get a clean sheet bonus?

They sure do! Clean sheet bonuses are frequently awarded to those who help keep their team’s net safe. Similarly, forward players can receive performance bonuses when they score goals.

Can you score a goal without boots?

Yes! The “Laws of the Game” give players quick guidance on how to proceed, if they experience any accidental equipment loss during play. They should replace it as soon as you can, but no later than when the ball goes out next.


Clean sheets are an interesting way to add another layer of excitement when betting on soccer games. By doing research beforehand, punters have an opportunity to increase their chances of success.

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