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If you’re a sports fan, you’ve probably heard of arbitrage betting. But what exactly is it and how does it work? In this blog post, we’ll discuss the basics of arbitrage soccer betting and how you can use it to your advantage.

Arbitrage Definition

It’s an advanced betting strategy that involves placing multiple bets on the same event to guarantee profit. A form of hedging, it requires careful timing and planning so all your arbitrage bets are made simultaneously.

How to Calculate Football Arbitrage Bets

1) Seek out opportunities between virtual sportsbooks.

2) Calculate their bet through a bookmaker and exchange combination.

Football Arbitrage Bets Between Two Bookmakers

For example, let’s say you have found two interactive bookmakers offering odds on a matchup between Barcelona and Real Madrid. The first bookie offers a 1.30 return on Barcelona and 3.70 on Real Madrid while the second pays out 1.40 on Barcelona and 2.90 on Real Madrid. You need to concurrently stake one bet to Barcelona at the first sportsbook and another bet to Real Madrid with the second bookmaker. This is known as ‘crossmatching’ prices for highest possible profits.

Football Arbitrage Bets Between a Bookmaker and Exchange

It is a great way to guarantee a profit, though it may require some legwork and calculations. The key to making an arbitrage bet is the difference between the odds of either outcome in a matchup. For instance, if you are looking at the total market margin for Manchester City’s victory versus Liverpool, you will need to calculate the probability of each soccer team. It is the percentage chance that each outcome could potentially happen. Using this data, you can then establish whether an arbitrage bet exists by comparing these two numbers. On top of that, findinglay prices from exchanges can also inform an advantageous bet. It allows them to make secure profits without breaking any gambling rules.

Is arbitrage betting profitable?

When placed in the right circumstances, it provides profit opportunities every single time. With careful consideration given to potential risks and timing, this strategy is profitable.

Downsides of Arbitrage Betting

Perhaps, once you have fathomed the manner in which arbitrage betting works, you might be itching to give this technique a go. This manner of gambling promises football bettors to bring them a profit, and the risks are minimized. That’s why many bettors are attracted to it. However, football lovers should bear in mind that arbitrage betting is not faultless by any means.

It is fair to say that one of the biggest downsides of arbitrage bets is that such opportunities might be quite hard to track down. This takes time. Time which could have been spent investing in different strategies or just enjoying your beloved sport. And then there is always the danger that you have done something wrong with regards to actual placing of the bet. Moreover, it requires a lot of research and knowledge. It should definitely be highlighted.


Is arbitrage betting cheating?

Arbing is a clever technique employed by experienced gamblers. Despite its legality, some bookmakers frown upon it. Why? – Because of how much money can be made from this particular strategy that does not necessarily rely on luck or skill for success.

Is arbitrage betting banned?

Yes and no. The legality of arbitrage betting varies by jurisdiction. But in general most bookmakers frown upon the practice due to its highly profitable nature.

Do bookies know you are arbing?

Many people wonder if bookies are aware of arbitrage (arbing) betting activities, and whether it is considered ‘cheating’. When executed correctly arbs remain undetected to the bookmaker. Because they can’t stop you from taking advantage in this manner. Thus price boosts should be used with caution due to their detectability by sportsbooks.

Which bookmakers allow arbitrage?

Betfair. Betdaq. Smarkets. Matchbook.

Can sportsbet ban you from winning too much?

It’s certainly a possibility as some books may identify you as someone who wins frequently, takes advantage of bonuses, or uses arbitrage strategies. Sportsbooks can restrict wagers from certain punters.


Arbitrage soccer betting can be highly profitable if done correctly. But it requires skill and knowledge in order for it to be successful. It’s important to do research into market trends and look at factors when betting on soccer that can affect the game.

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