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This blog post will provide an introduction to card index in soccer betting and explain why it has become so popular in recent years.

What is a card index match bet?

It’s an easy concept: all you need to do is wager whether the total points scored. With red cards being worth two and yellow ones worth one – will be higher or lower than your predicted number.

What are cards in soccer betting?

This form of wagering involves predicting how many bookings and red cards will be issued during any given match – up to 90 minutes.

What does INDEX mean in soccer?

ESPN’s Soccer Power Index (SPI) is the international and club rating system that offers an accurate representation of each team. Unlike other rankings such as FIFA, SPI looks at future performance instead of simply viewing past results.


How many cards is 20 booking points?

Well, the answer is two yellows! So if your lucky prediction was for more than twenty in a game- then that’s great news -your bet will win.

Does 2 yellows and a red count as 3 cards?

When the referee issues 2 yellow cards in one game, it is considered as an automatic sending off and requires him to produce a red card. This means that 3 total cards have been shown: 1 red and 2 yellows – with 5 being the maximum number of cards that can be given out in any single fixture.

How many booking points are 2 yellows and a red?

Receiving two yellow cards followed by a red results in 35 booking points, as each are worth 10 and 25 respectively.

Is 2 yellow cards a 1 match ban?

Typically these offenses warrant a one-match ban. In some cases where two yellow cards are issued in one game, also known as ‘sending off’, it could result in an additional match’s suspension.

Is a red card a 3 match ban?

In general, players are given a three-match suspension if they act violently on the pitch.

What does 1X2 cards mean in betting?

This type of wager gives three possible outcomes – the 1 stands for a home win, X represents that there may be a draw, and 2 denotes an away victory. Learn more about 1×2 betting.


Card index betting allows placing wagers on more complex outcomes than traditional sports bets. If you are an experienced bettor looking for something new and exciting, then this might be it.

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